Ada Apa Dengan Pennae? (pennae) wrote in planetperth,
Ada Apa Dengan Pennae?

Rebuild Exhibition

Hello all!

Yes, I know you're sick of spam... but here's a bit more for you.  There's a GREAT art & photography exhibition starting this Saturday for a month at Greens Cafe (123 Oxford St, Leederville).  It's to raise awareness about the Yogyakarta (Central Java) earthquake and tsunami (there's more going on than just cannibals and Naomi in Indonesia atm!), and has been put together by a group of Perth Indonesian teachers.

The photography and artworks are stunning - they are by Indonesian artists, many of whom are living in poverty after their homes were destroyed.  The coffee & food at Greens is pretty great too!

Anyway, check it out!

Hope to see you there :)

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